Why Fantasy Cricket is Gaining Popularity in India

Yes, fantasy cricket is gaining immense popularity in India! Almost 67% of the 18 crore cricket fans in India are friendly with the concept of fantasy cricket, wherein a player forms a virtual team of real cricket players playing in the real cricket matches happening all over the world and based on virtual team’s performance in real matches you earn points.

Soon we are going to have IPL coming in the month of April and May and the battle between the eight teams is going to begin. So just gear up and start the most fun game, fantasy cricket and if you are not familiar with the game you can visit our website https://fsl11.com/ to learn how to play and start playing.

Let’s go ahead and find some simple reasons for popularity of fantasy cricket:

  • Power pack entertainment: Fantasy cricket is a fun game that keeps your excitement level high throughout the game and real match going on at the field. Once you register with us you get to participate, you can select a match and create your own team of 11 players with the virtual budget of 1000 gems for all the players in the specific match.
  • It increases one’s excitement level to cloud nine: What’s better than a fantasy cricket game that allows you to play, predict and win amazing cash prizes. This certainly increases the eagerness to play more often and enjoy the complete league if going on.
  • It Increase one’s knowledge about cricket: Once you understand the basic rules of the game and play it more often you will be able to make predictions on your own and find pro fantasy cricket tips. You gain extensive knowledge about online fantasy cricket, that help you analyze different strengths and weaknesses of each player and team as a whole.   
  • Improve your prediction skills: Depending upon past performance, data of different teams can be collected and ascertain future moves and possibilities of winning.  After playing regularly you will learn to predict on your own.

Considering the recent trends fantasy cricket is growing phenomenally and The Indian Premier League is the most popular league in fantasy Cricket.

We suggest you to download our Fantasy Cricket App and win cash prizes daily. You can use code: FSL100 and get Rs. 100 bonus. Fantasy cricket game is a double dose of entertainment adding more and more fun with each and every match.